Should You Listen To Gambling Tips From The Gurus?

Gambling Tips From The Gurus

To different people, gambling means different things. For some, it is a source of livelihood. For others, it is a hobby. To some, it’s an addiction. To others, it’s a sin. For some, it’s a waste of time; for others, it is a lifestyle. 

To some, it is a profitable business; to others, it is just a shameful way of giving back to the already wealthy association of rich businessmen and politicians.

To you? We can’t say but one thing we know about gambling is that it’s beyond just making money. It is a way of building your social circle and mining lingerie with elite people at the echelon of society. 

And, of course, that’s if you have the required skill, etiquette, and character of gambling. If you want to be the next rated gambler, there are a couple of things for you to learn.

First, you have to put the money mentality aside. It would be best if you learned to become a serial winner. Winning is what it takes to be at the top of the gambling profession. No matter what the odds are, win!

You surely should know that the game is 25% your effort and the best part of nature. However, giving your 25% effort a hundred makes nature rewarding.

So, without any more time to waste, let’s go into the details of this unfair art that discriminates between winners from losers.

First, let’s dive into two fallacies of gambling; the funny superstitions the average gambler falls for that make this craft look like the greatest scams of all time.

The Guru’s Fallacies In Gambling¬†

The Guru's Fallacies In Gambling

“I’m Due.”

Yes. Fallacy number one, you’re due. This evil assumption makes you think after a run of losses, and you may get a good roll at the next chance. Unfortunately, this optimism doesn’t do any good at the table. Now, this is the theory behind slot machines that makes you leave empty-handed and disappointed. 

Instead, recognize every game as unique and balanced. Every game has some external control you must employ to get the game in your favor; you can only expect a loss, at best, a tie.

“I’ll stop after I make some profit.”

"I'll stop after I make some profit."

Also known as “the Gambler’s Conceit.” Any gambler who practices the art with this mentality will only end up a serial loser, languishing in regrets and failure. I’ll stop after I make some profit. If you are behind and you gamble with this mentality, nature itself will be against you. When you make profits, what next? You’ll want to make more! If you haven’t made a profit? It’s unlikely you stop until you win. Either way, you’ll lose.

The solution? Quit the right time, which is now! Whenever you hear that excellent voice asking you to quit, the complementary evil voice will entice you to play one more until all your money is gone. So, obey the good voice instead. It’s a message from your precious God. Quit now! You don’t want to anger him.

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