Creative thinking is necessary not only for people who work in the arts but also for most other professionals, whether they are technicians or humanitarians. Creativity helps to make life interesting and gives a chance to see, for example, a negative situation from different angles, which makes it easier to find a way out of it.

Creativity and creative thinking are not synonymous, although they are similar. Creative thinking is free from stereotypes and limitations, allowing you to create new ideas, solutions, values and objects. The main role, in addition to the non-standard way of looking at things and events, is played by imagination – the ability to come up with something that was not there before (imagination). In addition, ability and inspiration play an important role, thanks to which works of art are created. 

A person who thinks creatively is free and not confined to a framework within which he or she creates something original. For example, two artists are working. One painter paints a picture on commission. He can come up with something new, but within the limits of the assignment, he received from the client. The second is a free artist, he is free to paint whatever he wants, without restricting his imagination.


Creativity can be a spontaneous process, and creativity is controlled and aimed at solving specific problems. But no matter what type of thinking a person uses, it is impossible to do without knowledge in the field that interests him.

  1. Find unusual uses for ordinary objects. For example, how one might use a pen, a hanger, a comb, and so on, in a different way. The more variations to the chosen object can be found and the faster it is done, the better the imagination is developed.
  2. Learn new things It is necessary to broaden your horizons. For example, you can begin to read books you have never heard of before, try gambling on CasinoChan, learn new foreign languages or visit exhibitions. This will open up a huge stream of creativity for you.
  3. Don’t be afraid to deviate from standards and think differently from everyone else. The unknown has always frightened mankind. That is why everything new is often perceived with apprehension at first. The main thing is to step over the barrier yourself, to overcome your own fear. 

Look for inspiration. It is unlikely that you will come to mind an unconventional idea when you sit on the couch. Try to visit exhibitions and galleries. Communicate with children; they are great sources of inspiration because their heads are still free of any standards. Take more walks in the fresh air. The main thing is not to sit still.

  1. Think about your dream. This method will not only give you a chance to evaluate personal ingenuity but will also prove useful to apply to everyday life. Think about what reasons prevent it from being realized, and then start looking for opportunities to make the dream a reality. 
  2. Observe, explore, and fantasize. During a walk, sitting on a bench in the park, you need to choose a person, observe him and come up with a story about him. Describe his possible character, the way of life he leads, what inspires him and makes him happy and what makes him sad. The more detailed and extensive the story, the more useful this exercise will be for your creativity.

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