Some Categories Of Themed Slots You Should Know

Some Categories Of Themed Slots

How many slot games are there in the world? Do you know the answer? Countless. Some online casinos have a game collection containing over 4000 slot games. 

Slot games don’t seem to run out of themes, do they? No, they dont. Developers have a thousand sources of inspiration for creating slot themes. Look at some of the most popular slot theme games over the years.

Popular Theme Slot Categories 

Popular Theme Slot Categories

Slot Games With Fruit-themes

As online casinos continue to advance, traditional casinos have also maintained their relevance. What is currently played as online slots started as fruit machines. Early slot games depict fruits like lemons, cherries, and berries. Till today, there are different variations of fruit themes even in online casinos.

The first fruit slot machine started at the start of the 20th century in the United States when players developed the fruit slots concept. Then, winners were rewarded with a pack of chewing gum instead of cash prizes.

If you hit three cherries combinations, you win a cherry chewing gum; if you hit a Berry combination, you are rewarded with a Berry chewing gum.

The game turned out to be very entertaining, and in a matter of time, it spread from the US to other parts of the world, with people creating different rules for the game.

Slot Games With Egyptian Themes

Slot Games With Egyptian Themes

Whether it’s an online casino or a physical shop you decide to play at, you hardly find Egyptian Slot themes missing. When slots were developed years ago, Egypt was the center of modern culture. So it was only natural that Egyptians would create a slot theme of theirs.

Egyptian culture reflected several works of art, writings, and sculptures at almost every museum worldwide.

As a result, Hollywood produced Egyptian-themed movies that became very popular. So, later on, developers created many Egyptian themes, such as mummy horror themes.

Egyptian theme slots Feature themes like Ancient mummies, Egyptian artifacts, golden items like goblets, and pyramids. The themes and games match so well that you feel what Egyptian culture is like as you play these games. 

Several casino sites have a list of Egyptian-themed slots. Simply go online and search for them. Ensure you get reviews about these casinos before playing. 

Slot From Modern Movie-themes

In Modern culture, movie production is an essential part of the entertainment industry. So, it’s inevitable that great movies are developed Into classic slot games.

In a casino, you’d find many slot machines that use specific themes, symbols, or elements used in some movies. 

Moreover, some games feature the same soundtrack used in some of these movies and even dialogue between popular characters.

In some video Slots, scenes from the actual movies are shown. The result is heartfelt entertainment where players can reference their favorite movies as they play. Some popular themed slots based on movie themes are Jumanji and Planet of the Apes.

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