How Casino Betting Started In History

Betting Started In History

In today’s World, you don’t have to visit a casino shop or travel to one of the most excellent casinos in Monaco to gamble. Instead, you can turn on your device and play games in one casino whenever you like. Isn’t that great? Yeah, sure it is. But, thousands of years back, it never used to be like this.

When did gambling start? Well, we can’t say for sure. But archaeological findings suggest that gambling must have dated back thousands of years.

It started as items used for Fortune telling, and magic rituals became the bedrock for gambling.To prove this theory, archaeologists have discovered materials or prototypes of what can be regarded as dice in today’s World.

The first casino was traced to ancient Rome in the 6th century, in a public place where visitors would come and play craps making money.

Modern Casino History 

Modern Casino History 

The modern-day casino history started in Venice, Italy, in 1638. “Casino” is an Italian word that means a small house. It wasn’t called a casino initially; it was called Ridotto. In a matter of time, its popularity began to spread across Europe. 

The word “casino” was not until the first casino house was legalized. Until then, it was called II Ridotto, where people gathered in private homes to play games for money.

Before betting, audiences were entertained with drinks, dances, and music. Meals were also served to participants. It was so much entertainment at that time. Gambling was less of a competition and more fun during this era.

The game was featured more during the Venetian festival in Rome. People were entertained with music and dance, and some gambling shows were put up where famous and wealthy people placed real money on sports to be performed at the festival.

The Foundation For Online Casinos

Foundation For Online Casinos

The narrative changed in the 19th century when more standardized betting shops were established. Luxury interiors, comfort, and quality were features of a modern casino. Little by little, it became politically influenced. Men of fame, respect, and wealth came to casinos to discuss political issues.

Casinos were the next big thing at the turn of the century. And the enthusiasm for betting or even visiting a casino turned people on. But unfortunately, due to many scandals in the betting space, many governments across Europe were forced to make amendments to gambling laws, forcing the majority of casinos to close down.

Only Monte Carlo in Italy managed to stay in business during this period, and due to its political influence, there was no restriction on this casino.

In France, attention shifted from Italy to Monaco as a thieving environment for casinos and gambling. Unfortunately, to date, some of those casinos still exist. 

Years passed, and once again, power was shifting. And it was none other than Las Vegas in the United States that became the capital of the most established casinos and gambling activities in the World.

Today, things are much more different. The introduction of the Internet saw casinos leaping bounds from being entrapped in a physical building to people’s devices. It’s an exciting story in the pages of history.

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